Monday, July 30, 2007

Laptop for BYU MBA Program

Well you are supposed to have a laptop when you begin the BYU MBA Program. From the couple of tours I came to school and took I know that you will use this extremely.

I already owned a 3 year old Toshiba laptop with Windows XP & 512 MB Ram. I decided to get a new one. I like the Toshiba, but its slow on the start-up and noisy with the fan. As much as we use these, I figured I would be better of buying a new one.

I went with a smaller Laptop. I'm going from 15" screen to 14". I do have some reservations about the smaller screen since I will be working from this computer constantly for the next 2 years. My plan until now was to have the smaller laptop when I needed it, but then to have a kick-awesome desktop that I mainly worked from.

Since I will be working (90% or so of the time) mainly from the laptop, I may regret having the smaller computer. I will make sure and write down my thoughts on this later. Hopefully I will not consider it to be too small.

One website that was suggested for purchasing you laptop from is: I didn't use it so I don't have a good recommendation, but check it out, you may like it.

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