Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mormons do business?

Found this Video Interesting.

Perhaps I'll be in a similar one one day? :)

It was kind of across the board. I feel it highlighted too much that Mormons would hire other Mormons. That might be scary to non-Mormons, and while I agree that there is networking to be done in the Mormon Circle, Mormons will hire those that do not practice the faith as well.

Time to build some businesses!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some good articles from Inc Magazine on PR.

In this first one, I like the suggestions on using Twitter. When I first read this article, I tried to think of some events that could be thrown to get people excited. The tasting parties were way better than anything I came with. I think that will be the uniqueness of the product, champagne bubbles. Highlighting that and organizing events showing people how to enjoy that aspect is the best idea in my opinion.

This 2nd one just shows some good ideas for managing your PR. Getting to know reporters through social networking now seems perfect. I don't have businesses launched yet but I'm going begin establishing those connections.