Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ideas working

Well, my "Extra 30 Minutes" idea is working. I just finished my Minto Document for Communications MBA 505. Its on that book I wrote all the notes about and kept complaining about. I will upload the paper in a couple of days after finals have passed.

So it worked and I just gave that extra effort and got done with it. Now its 9Am and I have the whole day to do with as I please.

Interesting though, my fear of getting lazy didn't come true. The new fear is giving that extra 10% of effort that can have huge pay-offs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finance & Operations Finals are over

Well I've done the operations and finance finals. They went pretty well, I definitely think I've done better on them than I did on the midterm. I have learned a couple of things about taking finals too. I guess "finals" are not going to be a large part of life, but I've got 3 more rounds of them after this week, so I better remember what I've learned.

First, for the finance final, I kept telling myself that I needed to study Beta. I'll bet I could have studied it in about 20 Minutes, but I just couldn't force myself to do it. Well, there was a lot of the test dedicated to Beta and I really regretted it afterwards.

Same thing with the test for operations class that I just got out of. I thought I needed to study some equations slightly more (I actually did ok with this) and a quick review on setting up multiple workstations (it would have taken 10 minutes) but I couldn't make myself do it.

Now I won't lose huge amounts of points, but it could have taken me from 85% to 90% I imagine. Its not that I was lazy, I did do a lot of study. Its that 30 more minutes of work could have given me a shot at acing those tests.

So the principle I learned is: Cover what you know you need to know. Don't fight the last few minutes of work.

Also, I studied like crazy and used the flash card program and it helped me to learn this stuff very detailedly. I need to make sure I do that in the future.

Ok 2 more tests, neither of which require much study and then I've got 1 semester done of my BYU MBA!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finals -- they're here :(

Well, finals have started. I've been studying finance with a Ademar, Steve B., and Victor every night this week. It's been kind of focusing on 1 subject and having a lot of jokes in between. Yesterday, I had to be home to sign for a package, so we all studied at my apartment and made some frozen pizzas while we studied.

All this studying has felt good in that I feel like I'm putting the necessary effort to become capable at this subject.

I also got up at about 7:30 this morning to go meet up with these guys to study operations/logistics. And now I'm back in my office typing up papers on Minto Readings (this is the communications final). I'm not worried about surviving until Thursday, I just hope I don't get lazy, I have that habit.

Well good luck to anyone that may be going though this. I recommend not being too lazy throughout the res of the semester and then the week before finals will probably be a little easier.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elevator Statements (as taught at BYU MBA's Orientation)

these are the instructions they gave us for elevator statements. Basically the advice is to get across "What is special about you?" - "What's special about me (my comp.)?" - "How do the 2 connect?"

Before this lecture, I thought they we're called elevator statements because it was like you were rising from no relationship to them being interested in you.

So here are the notes (remember after each are examples, don't feel tied to it):
  • Who am I? Hello, my name is ___________
  • Why am I talking to you? (Referral's Name) suggested that I speak to you.
  • What is my objective? I am interested in advancing my career in financial management
  • What are my strengths? I have 5 yrs. experience and will complete an MBA in finance in April. I have been effective in problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and increasing profit margins.
  • How did I achieve these strengths? I developed these skills in a variety of positions with XYX Corp. prior to my graduate program. In my MBA Program, I focused on corporate finance & financial analysis.
  • What are my passions? I enjoy working with a team to improve processes & solved difficult problems.
  • How do these apply to your company/industry/location (c/i/l)? I am confident in my abilities to assist an organization improve its financial processes, reduce costs, and achieve its cash flow objectives.
  • What do I want from you? I am especially interested (c/i/l ) and would like to learn more about finance operations within you (c/i/l).
  • Put it all together, reduce the # of I's used & rehearse it until it sound natural and unscripted.

Interviewing Challenges

I'm doing some housekeeping to get a little organized for next semester and a little less stressed for finals.

I found some notes that I took during orientation on interviewing and thought I'd get them written down and then get this piece of paper thrown away.

Interviewing Challenges:
  • Smart & Wise
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • "Can I trust you with my clients?"
  • Prove you're worth the pay.
  • "Tell me about yourself" = "Tell me all the things about you that helps you with this job" (personal things are ok, but it needs to relate to the job)
  • Who? What? Where? When? How? --- you're not allowed to answer questions "yes/no"

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm accountable now (and embarrased)

Earlier today, I was talking with some fellow class-mates (Jeremy & Gabriel) and I got talking about an annoying comment someone put on my blog. Eventually this conversation was steered into my showing them this blog.

Before this instant, I hadn't let anyone know about "My BYU MBA Experience", and hadn't directly tied myself to it. I kept the secrecy because I don't want to have to put a lot of thought into my postings, but still want to record my thoughts (whatever they may be) Now I'm somewhat embarrassed because I often write about trivial, boring subjects.

So now that its tied to me, I guess I'll have to be a little more eloquent and a little more exciting...... well maybe, after all it is still My Blog & My Thoughts.
But at the same time, "you're work is your signature." So if this is going to be signed to me, I guess I'd better write something I feel is at least acceptable. (i.e. I thought this was pretty lame)