Thursday, September 25, 2008


My eyes are getting ready to close.... a little more studying to go :)

I guess this post is more philosophical. I remember at orientation last year, Kristen Adair spoke that we would be tired. Coming off my internship and back into school, I've really been on a high. I'm trying hard to learn as much as I can; I find so much so fascinating.

And so I'm tired-- but my goals are being achieved. And yet, it is very easy for me to become "un-tired" .... but I have to will it.
I've got Pivot Tables and Leadership Skills a plenty.
I've got creative questions and "needs to believe" galore.
You need some tornado strategies? I've got twenty.
But who cares?
No Big Deal.
I want more!

I'm really writing a bright side to this story. Through pushing my limits, I'm seeing they're further away. I can do more. I can give more to my family and my employer-- And I can still have more time for fun. I guess I've got a six-sigma on life (actually that would be terrible)

So I'd like to end this song and blog with a toast:
"MBA is interesting. It really is here to help me. So flow with it and take all I can-- and then ride those horses all the way to the bank (yeehah)"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First 2 Days

The first 2 Days of classes have gone well. Looks like I"m going to be doing two different consulting projects this semester. One will even be specifically marketing focused and I need all the experience I can get.

The other is even more exciting because it is specifically on strategy! Strategy has been the most interesting to me because it seems to bring together the most disciplines -- well Marketing & Finance & Technology anyway. I like being part of this whole hub of business skills. I don't even know that I want to have the title CEO one day, but I feel strategy & people/sales skills are the ways to be effective as a company's or project's Commander in Chief (thats an even loftier title)