Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stories to pitch Business

So these are my notes on an article about using stories to pitch business. I thought there was good insight into other things taught at BYU so it should be a good post:

This quote from the Magazine Article is kind of relevant, its talking about how people know everything isn't perfect, so CEO's who try to say it is to get investors are just creating mistrust. I just thought it really applied to the gospel (Needs be that there is an opposite in all things, else we could not be happy). So I highlighted it: The great irony of existence is that what makes life worth living does not come from the rosy side. We would all rather be lotus-eaters, but life will not allow it. The energy to live comes from the dark side. It comes from everything that makes us suffer. As we struggle against these negative powers, we’re forced to live more deeply, more fully.

McKee. R. (June 2003). Storytelling that moves people. Harvard Business Review, Vol. 81. Issue 6, pp. 51-55

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gary Crittenden speech to BYU MBA

On Friday, Gary Crittenden (CFO of Citigroup) spoke to the MBA Program. This guy had a lot of great advice, and while I've forgotten most of it, I wanted to write down 2 things that really sat well with me.

First, he said to make sure you exercise. He talked about the merits and life enjoyment that will come by doing it, but he also said that after work for Bain for about 6 months, he was actually told that he wouldn't get very far in the company if he kept 'porking up.' I haven't been running too much for the last 3 years-- Saturday Morning, I went running.

The best advice that I thought he gave referred to knowing what you're willing to work. He said, "Any job/company will take however much time you're willing to give it." So we need to set limits to make it home to the family and spend time with them. He said he always left by 11:59pm on Saturday so and reserved the whole Sunday for family and worship. I'm not worried about it right this second, but in the future, I need to decide what I'm willing to give to my employer or my own company. He did say that the more talented you are, the easier this is-- some companies may not be willing to accept your limits (so would you want to work for that company?)

Thursday, September 20, 2007



Reading it from Monday's Wall Street Journal was better than this article-- but since they aren't free online, you get this link. I actually think my reading it every morning at 6 AM made me the first person with relation to the Marriott School to know of this ranking.

It feels good!

I've got to do better about blogging -- sorry :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

finally an update of how school is:

Wow, so it's kind of crazy to setup a blog for 2 months and then not write in it once the actual event you're blogging about begins.

I've finally been to each of my classes.... and hmmmmm what would I like to say I've learned. I learned quit a bit, but now I'm so inundated with homework and case-studies I've forgotten it all (quite ironic if you think about it)

I'm actually just going to leave it at that. Guess I'll have to work harder to pay attention in class.

Monday, September 3, 2007

its here!



I'm feeling pretty good-- full of anticipation. I'm way too tired already.