Friday, August 3, 2007

orientation is beginning

Well they just gave us our orientation schedule. This is what it is for the first day. Other days have different activities, but different hours. Its kind of difficult to transfer from a Word-Doc to here so, I'll just post the 1 day.

Looks fun and interesting though. Though I wonder if a full week the week before school starts is a good idea. I hope I don't get burned out too easily!

Dress: Business Professional: Suits and ties for men. Suits, pantsuits, or dresses for women.
8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast
Tanner Building (TNRB) 2nd floor atrium

8:30 a.m. Welcome / Introductions – Jim Stice, Jim Engebretsen, Dean Ned Hill
251 TNRB

9:30 a.m. What I Wish I Had Known / What to expect in the Fall – Kristin Adair
Why Group Studies – Bill Sawaya
Group Dynamics – Kate Kirkham

11:30 a.m. Team Rotations:
Section 1 – Lunch in 710 TNRB
Section 2 – Pictures 374 TNRB
Section 3 – Logistics (Blackboard & Backpacks)
220 TNRB

12:30 p.m. Section 1 – Logistics (Blackboard & Backpacks)
220 TNRB
Section 2 – Lunch in 710 TNRB
Section 3 – Pictures 374 TNRB

1:30 p.m. Section 1 – Pictures 374 TNRB
Section 2 – Logistics (Blackboard & Backpacks)
220 TNRB
Section 3 – Lunch in 710 TNRB

2:30 p.m. Day’s Wrap-Up - Jim Stice
151 TNRB

3:30 p.m. Group Picture – In Front of Maeser Blg.
4:00 p.m. Get ID cards if needed -- 2310 WSC


Stephen Blake said...

Congratulations on being accepted into the BYU MBA Program. I have been researching the program for the past year. In your opinion what helped you the most as you prepared to take the GMAT.

Inc Magazine said...

Stephen, I got The Princeton Review's book & The GMAT Writer's Official Guide.

I practiced like crazy from the Official Guide and tried to use as many hints/tricks offered by P.R.

P.R. tells you to use their tricks more, but I couldn't trust that so I still forced myself to learn everything from the Official Guide-- which I felt mimicked the GMAT very closely.