Friday, October 26, 2007

letter to friend researching MBA Programs

That inside the MBA thing is very informative. There are quite a few schools that visit. The only top-10 named school that visited when I went was MIT-- that guys was kind of arrogant.

Since you've taken the GMAT, for your next step I'd start applying to the schools you know you want to apply to and continue researching others. At first, I didn't really like BYU until I sat in on a class-- I'd ask Kristen to schedule an opportunity for you to do that. Because I liked the BYU MBA so much after that tour, I only applied to the Marriott School and Stanford.

Obviously the campus visit really helped me make my decision. If you've got the cash/time, I'd suggest visiting other schools you're interested in. Being just married, I was kind of strapped for cash, so couldn't fly to other places. :)

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