Sunday, April 6, 2008

BYU Students are Cheap!

So that's kind of a mean statement isn't it? I put it there because I am the one who is cheap! I started an LLC last year and I'm desperately, confusedly trying to do the taxes on it right now. I thought it'd be fairly easy with Turbo Tax. But let me tell you this... Turbo Tax has failed me! It keeps wanting to treat my company like a sole proprietorship.

For the last 2 weeks (weekend only) I have tried to get this annoying program to quit forcing me to report the company's income as my own. Finally, I just entered it and about 30 screens later, it asks me for form 1065 -- Income from an LLC. I even upgraded Turbo Tax to get this fixed.

So in the end, I'm cheap for not hiring an accountant. I will next year. Hopefully I'll also be more profitable next year, but if I'm not.... I'll still hire an accountant! I'm not cheaping out and buying something that robs my two-weeks and extra-money from me.

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Inc Magazine said...

the other sad thing is its 1:00 Monday Morning now when I finally figured this out!