Thursday, September 25, 2008


My eyes are getting ready to close.... a little more studying to go :)

I guess this post is more philosophical. I remember at orientation last year, Kristen Adair spoke that we would be tired. Coming off my internship and back into school, I've really been on a high. I'm trying hard to learn as much as I can; I find so much so fascinating.

And so I'm tired-- but my goals are being achieved. And yet, it is very easy for me to become "un-tired" .... but I have to will it.
I've got Pivot Tables and Leadership Skills a plenty.
I've got creative questions and "needs to believe" galore.
You need some tornado strategies? I've got twenty.
But who cares?
No Big Deal.
I want more!

I'm really writing a bright side to this story. Through pushing my limits, I'm seeing they're further away. I can do more. I can give more to my family and my employer-- And I can still have more time for fun. I guess I've got a six-sigma on life (actually that would be terrible)

So I'd like to end this song and blog with a toast:
"MBA is interesting. It really is here to help me. So flow with it and take all I can-- and then ride those horses all the way to the bank (yeehah)"

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