Monday, November 17, 2008

A post about Urban Meyer

I've had a lot I've wanted to post on here lately..... way too busy right now!

Anyway, since getting an MBA is just one step to achieving all my dreams,I thought I'd post this by Urban Meyer. I don't really like the guy, but one cannot argue with his success.

In an article on ESPN, he said
""I think it's one of the most impressive stats I've seen," Meyer said. "The momentum our players think about, and our coaches stress to our players, is very important, whether it's a blocked punt or great defense. That's why we ran a reverse on the first play of the game. I always feel like early momentum is worth at least 14 points."

So this morning, I got up at 7:30 and began working away. I've gotten a lot done, including the things that are important but so easy to skip: like exercise and scripture study.

Didn't want to forget the quote about early momentum, I think it can server me in my career at all levels--even as the grunt (could help to leave the grunt position quicker).

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