Saturday, January 24, 2009

Speed Pitch || Business Plan Competition Event

My team competed in the speed pitch portion of BYU's business plan competition early this morning. That was a pretty fun event. And I learned a lot!

Brock Blake gave a good presentation about what speed pitching is. I took a few notes and I liked his focus on when investment money should be sought. I had never heard it summed so well that it is better to solve a pain than a want when his slide suggested "Pain Killers" not "Vitamins."

So another of my teammates did the first pitch. I think he did an amazing job. Our visual tools were screwed up because the color printer decided to steal my money instead of print my slides. We had only 1 slide of our website printed on a black and white printer.

After that, we watched another student present his idea. This student is someone I respect a lot. I think he is very confident. I have seen him get up in front of class and present some ideas that are pretty out there-- and be serious, and calm. Persuading us that his ideas are very good.

And what did I notice when he was presenting? His hands were shaking! This person who I didn't think could get nervous at all was a little rattled. It made me feel good because if he could get nervous then it was cool if I did............. I was 100% pleased with my presentation.

I've got more to improve on (we've been invited to pitch in the second and final round), but I couldn't be happier with how I performed and the confidence boost that comes from seeing that others are human.

............. and I'll admit some very organized practice helped too.

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