Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moab Rafting trip - put on by BYU's MBAMA

Well the MBA Student Rafting trip Moab is finished and all I can say is, "Wow!"

We had a great time and the association MBAMA put on a great trip (we got back yesterday). We did a lot of fun things and I definitely feel comfortable with Orientation Beginning tomorrow. I now suggest to anyone that sometime in their life they need to take a hummer tour in Moab, UT.

The real benefit (besides the Stress Relieving Fun) was (as I always seem to say) the Networking. A few Alumni attended and we got the chance to meet them and hear about the companies they work for. Also, they gave us their contact information and if anyone wants to apply to their companies, we already know where to send the resume.

I can't think of a better introduction to BYU's MBA Program than attending this trip. I hope everyone signs up for it next year. I think my attendance will pay great dividends with the Alumni, Recruiters, Classmates, and Faculty that I was able to meet on this trip.

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