Thursday, October 11, 2007

Business Plan Kick Off --> Kicked Off

Yesterday was the kickoff for BYU's Business Plan Competition. Wow! Did they do a bad job at that event. What was supposed to be an information session turned into a hard-to-hear pep-rally. I think I won't go to the info. session next year and I'll just get the schedule on their website. The least they could have done was make sure that the speakers worked in the back. Instead nobody could hear and so we all just talked.

The Competition itself is pretty cool though. I think I'll launch my company on the internet in about 2 weeks an then work on building that up. As for a team... I'm not sure what I'll do. I really don't want one. Also if I can make it profitable, I'm not sure I'll need one. Also, if I can make it profitable, I won't need to win the competition anyway. I think this may be the most arrogant paragraph I've ever put in this blog.

The competition is open to all students at BYU: under-grad, grad, MBA (yes!), and everyone else. There are also some differing categories: ebusiness, charitable, work-from-home.

It was funny, they admitted that the work-from-home category (with a $5000 first winner prize) is focused more on women. I mean 'Duh!' but can you actually say that? Will gender be one of the judging categories?

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