Friday, October 5, 2007

Textron's Ken C. Bohlen -- part II

I just wrote a little about Ken Bohlen, but I wanted to add a little more on something he said that really rang true with me.

Mr. Bohlen spoke of trust as being a huge issue among the different generations. Generation X doesn't really trust corporate or government because of things they've seen (Nixon, Enron, layoffs, are a few of MANY reasons). Also they are coming from families with a 51% divorce rate-- seeing that even family is difficult to trust.

He said that something hurting the world is that there isn't a lot of trust and its probably rightly so that there is not:
  • People don't often tell their true intentions, especially once greed is involved.
  • People are often looking for "what can you do for me?" and not worried about what they can do to return the favor or just earn the reward.
  • Another big point he made was baby boomer's are very competitive and that is what corporations have been the last 30+ years. More progress would be made if businesses weren't trying to be better than the other, but make everything better.
Anyway, what I took away from all this is that trust is a big deal and since all I want to do is start my own international, billion-dollar company, I need to not worry about finding a job. I don't want one and will cut-and-run the as soon as I can (trust).

Well, the guns are focusing! -- watch out world.

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