Friday, October 19, 2007

Diversity day for a BYU MBA

We had a diversity discussion today. I just wanted to write down some quick notes from it: So what did we talk about in this? There are 2 parts to the lesson I belive. A cycle and Principles vs. Values. The Cycle of:
  • Seeing
  • Doing
  • Getting

If we want to 'get' difference results, we need to change what we see and then what we do based upon what we see.

The other part is Principles vs. Values:
Principles are laws of nature. Doing 'A' gets you 'B' (ie hard work helps you obtain what you desire) (or quitting smoking makes you live longer -- i supposed one could argue that not smoking makes living worse though so you can't say it make you live better)
Values are chosen. Inflicting these upon others seems to be where the clash comes in. (ie mothers should stay home with children)

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