Friday, November 9, 2007

Communicating Book

For the MBA 505 course, we have to read a book that we choose on communication. The library offered my Learning Made Easy. It does not get the best review on Amazon, but I liked what the chapter headings said; as for the rest, only reading will tell if was good. (I'll put a book review on Amazon though if I like it otherwise they've already got it covered)

Anyway, I really do want to gain better listening skills and since this is a library book that I have to return in 3 weeks I thought I would keep a lot of notes on this blog. So that's what's under the "communication" theme.

------------------ The Notes Begin ------------------
  • Bad Listening caused by bad habits: listening only for facts, day dreaming, disliking the speaker, private planning, too much emotion, mental detours, debating, tuning out too soon.
  • Distractions: laziness, self-consciousness, even something like a toothache.
  • Listening is a huge tool for managers, you have to understand so much about your subordinates.
  • Practically impossible for Leadership is can't listen. (at least if its not by force)
  • Listening mean trying to see something the way the speaker sees it. Any other thoughts are distractions.

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