Wednesday, November 28, 2007

figured it out

So I've often had a hard time focusing here. This MBA Stuff is actually pretty difficult. I'm learning Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Communications, and Operations. All very different fields, and yet most the stuff I'm learning seems so applicable in so many areas, how do I choose?

The difficulty of a an MBA here at BYU is combined with the fact that I haven't really had respect for an MBA in general. I thought there was some value to it, but I just realized how much value that is. Before this, I'd heard lots of comments like, buy $1200 worth of books and you can know as much as an MBA. I guess that's still true, but the fact is you actually have to read those books!

So it is with an MBA. I've haven't been the most effective with this time at BYU. I've been learning, but real half-assed. When I think back I know quite a bit, but it is slowly slipping away because I'm not reviewing and look for applications.

I guess there is value in the credential of an MBA-- though that seems to be disputed a lot (especially by those who don't have one). But there is also a lot of knowledge that can be gained. To know gain as much as possible (and to know you have that knowledge) would truly be a waste of this 2 years (even more if you think an MBA is already a waste)

I don't know what its like at other schools, but my MBA at Brigham Young University is teaching me a lot.

don't waste it don't waste it don't waste it

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