Thursday, November 15, 2007

they apologized

Well, I'm happy to report that what I wrote last time in has been taken care of. Dr. Whitlark said the students came up and apologized later and he said he really respected that-- courage like that is one of the reasons he likes BYU Students so much.

Dr. Whitlark has started a faculty fun-war between marketing and finance professors, so we here them tease each other a little bit. I think the students get in on that too much and make fun of our professor Dr. Grant McQueen too often. However, I'm not was worried about that because the professors shouldn't do it if the expectation is for us to not join in. I still don't very much, but if the faculty has a problem with it, I believe it in their power to stop it-- they got us into it in the first place.

Oh joy! BYU's MBA program is a lot of fun.

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