Monday, November 12, 2007

we've got to repect the professors

So in a presentation I just saw some students give, the final slide tried to compare the pictures of Dr. Whitlark (an awesome marketing professor) and Freddy Krueger.

I think this was done in bad taste. Dr. Whitlark is very funny and jokes around a lot and we are getting to know many of our professors very well... but we should still have more respect for them than that. We're not really colleagues with them and joining in on their jokes when they tease each other is maybe beginning to go too far. I hope the MBA program at BYU doesn't get too childish.

I've been involved on some of these jokes, but I think I'll set them aside. These professors have been working with each other for years and its kind of rude for us to come in and poach their jokes.... worse it is extremely disrespectful of the professors.

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