Thursday, December 13, 2007

Elevator Statements (as taught at BYU MBA's Orientation)

these are the instructions they gave us for elevator statements. Basically the advice is to get across "What is special about you?" - "What's special about me (my comp.)?" - "How do the 2 connect?"

Before this lecture, I thought they we're called elevator statements because it was like you were rising from no relationship to them being interested in you.

So here are the notes (remember after each are examples, don't feel tied to it):
  • Who am I? Hello, my name is ___________
  • Why am I talking to you? (Referral's Name) suggested that I speak to you.
  • What is my objective? I am interested in advancing my career in financial management
  • What are my strengths? I have 5 yrs. experience and will complete an MBA in finance in April. I have been effective in problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and increasing profit margins.
  • How did I achieve these strengths? I developed these skills in a variety of positions with XYX Corp. prior to my graduate program. In my MBA Program, I focused on corporate finance & financial analysis.
  • What are my passions? I enjoy working with a team to improve processes & solved difficult problems.
  • How do these apply to your company/industry/location (c/i/l)? I am confident in my abilities to assist an organization improve its financial processes, reduce costs, and achieve its cash flow objectives.
  • What do I want from you? I am especially interested (c/i/l ) and would like to learn more about finance operations within you (c/i/l).
  • Put it all together, reduce the # of I's used & rehearse it until it sound natural and unscripted.

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