Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finals -- they're here :(

Well, finals have started. I've been studying finance with a Ademar, Steve B., and Victor every night this week. It's been kind of focusing on 1 subject and having a lot of jokes in between. Yesterday, I had to be home to sign for a package, so we all studied at my apartment and made some frozen pizzas while we studied.

All this studying has felt good in that I feel like I'm putting the necessary effort to become capable at this subject.

I also got up at about 7:30 this morning to go meet up with these guys to study operations/logistics. And now I'm back in my office typing up papers on Minto Readings (this is the communications final). I'm not worried about surviving until Thursday, I just hope I don't get lazy, I have that habit.

Well good luck to anyone that may be going though this. I recommend not being too lazy throughout the res of the semester and then the week before finals will probably be a little easier.

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