Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finance & Operations Finals are over

Well I've done the operations and finance finals. They went pretty well, I definitely think I've done better on them than I did on the midterm. I have learned a couple of things about taking finals too. I guess "finals" are not going to be a large part of life, but I've got 3 more rounds of them after this week, so I better remember what I've learned.

First, for the finance final, I kept telling myself that I needed to study Beta. I'll bet I could have studied it in about 20 Minutes, but I just couldn't force myself to do it. Well, there was a lot of the test dedicated to Beta and I really regretted it afterwards.

Same thing with the test for operations class that I just got out of. I thought I needed to study some equations slightly more (I actually did ok with this) and a quick review on setting up multiple workstations (it would have taken 10 minutes) but I couldn't make myself do it.

Now I won't lose huge amounts of points, but it could have taken me from 85% to 90% I imagine. Its not that I was lazy, I did do a lot of study. Its that 30 more minutes of work could have given me a shot at acing those tests.

So the principle I learned is: Cover what you know you need to know. Don't fight the last few minutes of work.

Also, I studied like crazy and used the flash card program and it helped me to learn this stuff very detailedly. I need to make sure I do that in the future.

Ok 2 more tests, neither of which require much study and then I've got 1 semester done of my BYU MBA!!!!!!

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