Thursday, March 6, 2008

Business Plan Details

Last week, a private equity partner--Ron Mika-- attended my MBA 664 Venture Capital / Private Equity course and gave us a document on what he likes to see when a company is pitching itself to be bought by his firm.

I definitely think this list will be useful to me in the future and probably to thousands of the million of readers of this blog :)

Presentation Outline Suggestions:

Executive Summary ("Answer First"):
  • Company/Industry/Transaction Overview
  • Investment Thesis - Why why are we interested?
  • Risks - What should we be concerned about?
  • Proposed Deal Structure (Sources & Uses)
  • Financial Cases (Management, Underwriting/Base, Downside)
  • Financial Returns
Industry Detail
  • Is this an attractive industry to invest in?
  • Porter 5 Forces
  • Growth
  • Relative Market Share
  • Speed of Change/Innovation
  • Cycles
  • Etc. --- (ok I agree, is there a need for an 'etc' in a list like this?)
Company Detail
  • Is this an attractive company to invest in?
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Product Advantages
  • Distribution Advantages
  • Relative Cost Positon
  • Technology of IP Position
  • Management
  • Etc.
Deal Detail:
  • Deal Dynamics (Auction, Inside Track, Proprietary, Mgt. Reinvest, Etc.)
  • Structure/Financing Terms
  • Comparables (Trading & Transaction)
  • Exit Scenarios
  • Major Assumptions for Each Case (Mgt, Base, Downside)
    • Bottoms-up P&L, B/S, CF
  • Downside Protection - "How low can you go?"
  • Excel Model

Obviously, this list is for a Private Equity firm, but there is still lots of applicability to those trying to raise Venture Capital. I imagine there are thousands of lists out there like this. I'm sure those are legit too, but I know this one is because of who gave it to me.

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