Thursday, March 20, 2008

Harvard Busines Review

So does anyone read the Harvard Business Review? Until MBA School, I was never that interested in it, I thought it was professors at Harvard writing a few things here and there and then supplementing it with their students' papers.

This last year at BYU, I have read a lot of articles from it. We purchases these articles in our course packets. I'm not sure if my professors are just choosing the cream of the crop (well actually I would hope they are), but these articles are amazing and packed with insights. In fact I've noticed many books are written after an author explores the ideas in these articles first. I've read a lot of books where the whole thing wasn't much more useful than what is in an 15 page article anyway.

I also like that it is professors and experts from all over the world that submit articles-- its not just those at Harvard like I had thought.

Anyway, I'm going to begin reading the HBR in the Library over the next year and if I feels its as good as the articles I'm getting from my MBA professors, then I'll probably be a subscriber for many years to come.

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