Monday, July 7, 2008

get 'er done

I've been put in charge of a few vendors to get my projects done. I'm learning a lot in dealing with them. Thursday, I had to have everything in place for our new website to go live. The vendor has been really difficult to work with and commuicate with. On Wednesday, they actually sent me an email saying I interrupted too much.

I didn't care! I only wanted it set up, I wasn't worried about their schedule. I went to their office Thursday afternoon to discuss what was left and to make sure they were working. Trying to respect their need to focus, I didn't bother the programmer too much for the first hour. Then I went and asked about the progress and he told me he was woring on soething entirely different!

So I sat there and discussed it with him for 10 minutes and then 10 minutes later the programmer had given me what I wanted. I was excited and I was apalled at this web-designers system! They charged us for an hour of work when 20 minutes was what was needed! Well, from now on I will make sure they repeat back to me exactly what I want.

That's the principle I'm trying to highight-- know what you want and make sure they can tell you. Until then, they do not have permission to start the work.

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