Monday, June 30, 2008

Soon to say Goodbye

I'm taking a break from packing to say I'm moving out of Wymount! And while packing sucks, air conditioning blows cool air all over the house and I'm excited to have it again. (figure I'm about 20 days short of a year)

So first years, stay away... stay as far away as you can.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.


Brock said...

I'm an incoming first year, most likely coming into Wymount...aside from no a/c, what other reasons can you give me to change my mind? Thanks for the help.

Inc Magazine said...

My wife worked as a school teacher so with us being so busy the lack of washer/dryer & dish=washer made it difficult to keep clean.
Also, I hated the industrial carpet with no padding-- got rought on my ankles.

But what actually pushed it over the top was a note in the monthly newsletter asking parents to please make sure to rinse out cloth diapers in the toilet first before washing them in the laundry facilities. Also to run a bleach cycle after washing the diapers (people are poor there so I knew they wouldn't do it).

That finished me, I couldn't stand the thought that I was potentially bathing my clothes in baby feces. Washed clothes at realatives for 3 months and moved quick.