Friday, October 5, 2007

today's 1st year BYU MBA speaker: Textron's Ken C. Bohlen

I think this was a pretty long title to put on this.
Today, we were spoken to by Textron's Chief Innovation Officer: Ken C. Bohlen.

He spoked to us about the changes going on in the world right now as far as people who are getting older and the older work force. He even went as far as saying there won't be enough worker in the United States in the 10 years because they are all retiring.

He tied this to the metaphor of "frog's jumping out of boiling water if thrown in, but staying in it if it slowly comes to a boil." In his opinion, congress is not waking up to the fact that the work force is aging (somewhat because they are part of that aging population (which I definitely agree with)). Anyway it will be an interesting dynamic as time goes on and there isn't a enough labor to fill jobs. We need to educate our kids better.

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